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Fitness Tips

Physical activity plays an important role in your health, well-being and quality of life. Improve your health by being active as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Be active at least 2.5 hours a week to achieve health benefits.
  • Focus on moderate to vigorous aerobic activity throughout each week, broken into sessions of 10 minutes or more.
  • Get stronger by adding activities that target your muscles and bones at least two days per week.

Tips to help you get active... 
  • Choose a variety of physical activities you enjoy. Try different activities until you find the ones that feel right for you.
  • Get into a routine - go to the pool, hit the gym, join a spin class or set a regular run and do some planned exercise. Make it social by getting someone to join you.
  • Limit the time you spend watching TV or sitting in front of a computer during leisure time.
  • Move yourself - use active transportation to get places. Whenever you can, walk, bike, or run instead of taking the car.
  • Spread your sessions of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity throughout the week. Do at least 10 minutes of physical activity at a time.
  • Join a team - take part in sports and recreation activities in groups. You'll make new friends and get active at the same time.


Workout Plan

  • Choose activities you like. A lot of different things count as exercise: dancing, walking, gardening, yoga, cycling, playing basketball. To make it easier to get moving, choose whatever gets you moving. Also, choose an activity that fits your self-identity. Do you see yourself wearing attractive clothes and bicycling comfortably to work, or wearing workout gear at the gym?
  • Piece your workout together. You don't need to get all your exercise at one time. Ten minutes morning, noon, and night can give much of the same benefit as 30 minutes all at once.
  • Exercise with a friend. Finding a workout partner can help keep you on track and motivate you to get out the door.
  • Keep it brisk. When you walk, make it brisk, since this may help control weight better than walking at a leisurely pace. What is brisk enough? Walk as though you are meeting someone for lunch and you are a little late. You can also time your steps for one minute: 120 to 135 steps per minute corresponds to a walking pace of 3 to
  • Miles per hour, a good goal for many people. If your steps are not quite that quick, trying picking up the pace for short bursts during your usual walk, on different days of the week. Over time, you'll stride your way to a faster walking pace.
  • Take lunch on the move. Don't spend all of your lunch time sitting. Hit the gym or go for a 20-minute walk with coworkers, and then have a meal when you are done.
  • Try a pedometer. Step-counters (pedometers) are cheap and easy to use. Best of all, they help you keep track of how active you are. Build up to 7,000 steps a day - or more.
  • Take the stairs. Use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators whenever possible.
  • Turn off the TV, computer, and smart phone. Cutting back on screen time is a great way to curb your "sit time" Trade screen time for active time - visit the gym, or even just straighten up around the house.
  • Walk an extra stop. During your bus or subway commute, get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  • Hunt for the farthest parking space. If you drive to work or to run errands, purposefully park your car a little farther from your office or the store. It may not seem like much, but over weeks and months, these minutes of exercise add up.
  • Make it your own. Consider buying a piece of cardiovascular equipment for your home, such as a treadmill, stationary bicycle, or elliptical machine. Home models can be more reasonable than you think, and you can't beat the convenience. Keep in mind, though, that cheaper models tend to be less sturdy.
  • Make it fun. Try a new sport like tennis or rollerblading. The more that you enjoy exercise, the more likely you are to stick to it.
  • Make it social. Walk with a friend, your spouse, or your family in the morning or evening.
  • Sign up for a class. Check out the fitness course schedule at your local gym or community center, or the dance or yoga class schedule at a nearby studio. You may find that having the structure of a class helps you learn a new activity and keeps you on track.
  • Turn sit time into fit time. When you get busy, try to combine your cardiovascular exercise with a sedentary activity that you do already. Hop on that piece of home equipment while watching TV, reading, or returning phone calls.
  • Keep an exercise log. Monitoring the amount of activity you get each day will help to make you more accountable.
  • Walk or bike for errands around town. Leave the car at home for trips that are less than a mile or two. Cross something off your to-do list while getting in your physical activity.
  • Ask the experts Hire a personal trainer for a session or two to help you with your weight training and flexibility training. Then you'll have the confidence to branch out on your own.
  • Plan exercise into your day. Set aside a specific time in your schedule to exercise and put it in your planner.
  • Reward yourself. Set short-term goals - and reward yourself for achieving them. Try targeting a specific event, such as a road race or a walk-for-charity, to participate in - this can help keep you motivated. Choose fitness-focused rewards for reaching your goals, such as new workout gear or a heart rate monitor.


Diet Plan

Well here are a few tips to get you started to reaching your fitness goals.

  • Begin by setting your eating pattern to include 5-7 small meals evenly spread out 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart.
  • Never skip breakfast
  • Include a protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat source with every meal.
  • Examples of good protein sources are: Chicken breasts, tuna, whey or soy protein powder, eggs, small amounts of lean red meat, turkey, cottage cheese, protein bars.
  • Healthy Fats: Natural peanut butter, flaxseed oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, or any oil rich in omega 6 & 3 and mono-unsaturated fats.
  • Switch from starchy carbs to fibourous carbs after lunch.


Examples of starchy carbs to fiberous carbs :
Fibrous Carbs Starchy Carbs Good Complex Carbs
Cauliflower Rice Oatmeal
Cucumber Potatoes Yams
Celery Bread Sweet Potatoes
Salad Pasta  
Tomatoes Buns  
Broccoli Cereal  
Lower Calorie Fruit Choices : Apple, Pears, Nectarine, Strawberries, Raspberries
  • If you have a craving for breads or pastas, go with wheat breads instead of white breads or 12 grain.
  • Limit pop intake, but if you must have a cola choose diet instead of regular
  • Try Crystal Light for a low-calorie flavored drink - you can even make Popsicles.
  • Drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and it helps keep you feeling full.
  • Allow yourself one cheat meal a week to have whatever you have been craving. This is the problem with crash diets they fail to realize that people have cravings and can't stick with a program if they aren't allowed to splurge once in while. Plan this meal around special outings, occasions, parties, etc.
  • Switch to low calorie dressings or sauces
  • Try some fat free products - Such as fat free cheese or ice-cream
  • Try having sugar free jell for dessert instead of cakes, chocolate or pie.
  • Try sweet n' low or nutra-sweet instead of regular sugar
  • Limit salt intake
  • Use a variety of spices to make your food less bland
Example Of A Healthy Meal Plan :
Meal Time What To Eat
Breakfast 6 : 30 4 eggs whites (1 yolk) scrambled with mushrooms & peppers Oatmeal (30 gm)
Snack 9 : 30 1 scoop of whey protein mixed with water and 5 ml of flaxseed oil Apple
Lunch 12 : 30 Tuna Wrap - 1 can of tuna, fat free mayo, salad, small whole-wheat tortilla, 1 cup of strawberries, and 1 tsp of peanut butter
Snack 2 : 30 Cottage Cheese (5gm of fat) Yogurt
Dinner 5 : 30 Chicken StirFry (Broc, Caul Carrot mix) A little bit of salsa sauce & tomato paste 5 ml of olive oil
Snack 8 : 30 4 hard-boiled egg whites Raw veggies (carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers)
Tips for Eating Out :
  • Ask for dressing on the side
  • Order Salad instead of french fries
  • Order grilled not deep fried
  • Choose poultry over high fat red meats (like burgers)
  • Make sure to ask what the meal comes with (ex. Mayonnaise, gravy or other high fat condiments)
  • Limit alcoholic beverages
  • Ask for a Nutrition Guide